Welcoming World Leaders of G20 in Bali (part 27)

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“What kind of ritual that you have here in Bali?”, that’s the question which is often asked by western foreigners who visit the Ashram.

“The ritual of love”, that’s my standard answer. There’s ritual of love to lower realm (suguhan), there’s ritual of love to trees (tumpek pengatag).

There’s ritual of love to iron (tumpek landep). There’s ritual of love to sunrise and sunset (surya sewana). Rituals of love to human beings.

From the day of birth till the day of death, there are many rituals to express love to human beings. And countless rituals to gods and goddess.

With such kind of rich rituals of love, it’s undestandable that Bali is considered to be one of the safest island in the world.

Even world leaders agree to have meeting here in Bali. Similar to other places, in Bali there was also human tragedy such as terorrist bombing.

While terorrist bombing in othe places were followed by burning anger and revenge, in Bali the quality of friendship among different religious followers even strengthening after the bombing.

Using the language of western friends, love is the true golden parachute. It does not only save Bali, it certainly can save mother earth.

Just in case we are blessed to share the last spirit of Bali to the incoming world leaders, we certainly can beautify the life here on earth.

Welcome to Bali world leaders of G20. It is such an honour to share the peace vibration of Bali island to all of you. May all beings are happy.

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Gede Prama

Gede Prama memulai perjalanan spiritual dengan berdialog bersama Guru simbolik di sebuah desa di Bali Utara. Ini kemudian diperkaya dengan sekolah ke luar negeri, perjumpaan dengan Guru spiritual dunia seperti YM Dalai Lama, YA Thich Nhat Hanh serta Profesor Karen Armstrong, serta olah meditasi yang panjang.

Kendati pernah memimpin perusahaan dengan ribuan karyawan, terbang ke beberapa negara untuk tujuan mengajar, tapi semua itu ditinggalkan karena dipanggil oleh bom Bali di tahun 2002. Sejak beberapa tahun lalu beliau bahkan tidak pernah meninggalkan Bali, sekali-sekali saja keluar dari keheningan hutan untuk mengajar di tempat-tempat suci di Bali.

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