Welcoming World Leaders of G20 in Bali (part 57)

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One day a lady whose life was full of problems and depression asked this question in Bali: “If Balinese elder give satan outside segehan, what should I give to the satan inside?”.

Being guided by the spirit of total and unconditional acceptance, I answered: “Give the satan inside food of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love”.

As material of contemplation, no matter how holy one is, no matter how enlightened meditator is, there’s always darkness inside.

You will strengthen the darkness inside if you keep trying to remove them. The more you remove them, the stronger their power.

Strangely, when you accept yourself holistically, no longer reject the negative and attach to the positive, the grip of inner darkness weakening.

At the same time, you water the inner seeds of light. Pratically speaking, simply see those flowing inner energy (without negative-positive) like one who standing at the bank of the river.

Don’t try to fix it, simply let them flow naturally. In technical language of Balinese elders: “Rwa bhinedane tampi”. Embrace duality as it is.

If you diligently practice this spiritual steps, as a matter of time, you will meet island of love inside. The sign is simple, you say goodbye to complain.

At the same time, healing, happiness and peace are no longer something in distance. But something which is very close. It’s your natural nature.

As natural as water which is wet, as natural as flower which is beautiful. At this stage, leaders are no longer interested in weapon, but more interested in loving-kindness and compassion.

Welcome to Bali world leaders of G20. It is a deep honour to share the peaceful vibration of Bali island to all of you.

Hopefully, as soon as you’re back home, you don’t only bring the agreement of the meeting, but also bring the peaceful vibration of the island.

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Guruji Gede Prama memulai perjalanan spiritual dengan berdialog bersama Guru simbolik di sebuah desa di Bali Utara. Ini kemudian diperkaya dengan sekolah ke luar negeri, perjumpaan dengan Guru spiritual dunia seperti YM Dalai Lama, YA Thich Nhat Hanh serta Profesor Karen Armstrong, serta olah meditasi yang panjang.

Kendati pernah memimpin perusahaan dengan ribuan karyawan, terbang ke beberapa negara untuk tujuan mengajar, tapi semua itu ditinggalkan karena dipanggil oleh bom Bali di tahun 2002. Sejak beberapa tahun lalu beliau bahkan tidak pernah meninggalkan Bali, sekali-sekali saja keluar dari keheningan hutan untuk mengajar di tempat-tempat suci di Bali.

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