Welcoming World Leaders of G20 in Bali (part 4)

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Some of non-Balinese friends who love to come to Bali many times share their experience, when they have intention to go to Bali, there’s peace appear inside.

Do not talk about the feeling when landing in Bali, even when there’s small intention to go to Bali suddenly inner peace appear. They asked me why.

As we all know, wherever the Balinese pray, whatever the prayer, the Balinese always close the prayers with the word shanti (peace) three times.

Meaning, peace in the lower, peace in the middle, peace in the higher realms. Much deeper than just prayer in the lips, Balinese elders give food to the lower realms.

The name of the food is suguhan. The elders also made home to the lower realms, it’s called penunggun karang. It does not mean Balinese elders worhsip satan.

Again, it’s not!. But it’s the reflection of unconditional love. This practice of uncondtional love has happened for more than one thousand years in Bali.

In the language of deep spirituality, in Bali the devil and the divine are not unbridgable. They grow in harmony. Balinese elders called it Kiwa-Tengen.

To the public beginners, the left is called the dark, the right is called the light. They hate the left, they love the right. They’re like cutting the left parts of bamboo.

And if you continously cut the left parts of bamboo, you’ll lose the whole bamboo. It’s understandble then, one of the famous name in Bali is Ubud.

Ubud does not only heal million of people from all over the world, Ubud is also elected as one of the best city in the world. In Balinese language, Ubud means medicine (ubad).

It’s located in the middle part of Bali. The spiritual message is very clear, if you want to heal yourself, or to heal the world, grow in the middle. Avoid anything which is extreme.

Under this light of inspiration, it’s worth to persuade the coming world leaders of G20 to Bali to heal mother earth using the spirit of middle way.

The question is not who will win and who will lose, but how to make mother earth much more peaceful. Quoting from quantum physics, the broken wings of butterfly in Okinawa will influence weather in Australia.

We live in well-connected world. If we share peace to the world, the same spirit of peace will return back to you and your country. 

it has been clearly written in the history, in 1970s the king of Bhutan replace GNP (gross national product) into GHP (gross happiness product).

Later on United Nation adopted this approach by ranking the world happiest countries every year. If we’re blessed, the incoming meeting of G20 will giver birth to GPP.

Gross peacefulness product. The measurement is no longer wanting more, but desiring less. If this idea can be implemented, you’ll be recorded in human history as warrior of peace.

Welcome to Bali world leaders of G20. It’s a deep honour to share the peace vibration of Bali island to all of you. May all beings are happy.

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